Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Defend the VIOME workers

The workers of the VIOME factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, which was bankrupt and abandoned by its owner, have occupied  their workplace and have managed it themselves since February of 2013. Their struggle is well known and  widely supported  both  in Greece and internationally.

But suddenly, the  lawyers of the former capitalist owner have  re-appeared and filed a law suit against the workers in an attempt  to take back  the factory and the land surrounding it so that it can be sold. The trial will take place on March 23.
In the following week the VIOME workers, supported by  the workers of the public Radio-TV station ERT3 of Thessaloniki, who have also occupied and managed their workplace since June 2013, will initiate a powerful action on behalf of all workers in Greece. (See our previous article on the ERT workers, http://forum.permanent-revolution.org/2015/03/workers-self-management-at-occupied.html ) They will lead a caravan, marching throughout Greece to publicize their cause and demand that the new government  implement  Syriza’s pre-election  promises to secure their  just social rights. 
The Solidarity Committee of the VIOME workers is asking that statements of solidarity be widely publicized internationally and forwarded to the following address:
You may also send copies of any solidarity statements to the permanent-revolution web site at:
A press conference detailing the upcoming trial and the Caravan will be held on behalf of the VIOME workers on March 18.  Statements of support that can be presented to the press and the court would be welcome.
For more information go to the website of the VIOME workers: http://www.viome.org/

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