Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "first regular National Congress" of the SEP: Distorting the history of the International Committee

On Aug 30, 2010 the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) published a resolution from what it called the “first regular National Congress” of the Socialist Equality Party, held in Ann Arbor, Michigan in August of this year. The bizarre quality of this resolution is only punctuated by the incongruity of describing a movement that has been functioning as the Socialist Equality Party for 15 years as having its “first regular National Congress”. Presumably this designation is meant to distinguish this convocation from the “Founding Congress” of the SEP which took place either in 2008 or in 1995 depending on which pronouncements from the WSWS you read last.  

The resolution reported out of this Conference “Twenty-Five Years Since the Split with the Workers Revolutionary Party", was, as usual, adopted “unanimously”, following a pattern that we have come to expect from Congresses of the SEP.

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