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Anonymous said...

Unless I have missed it, the WSWS has not reported on the German Socialist Equality Party's ((SGP) vote totals for the recent German national election. According to Wikipedia, the SGP gained 903 votes in constituency votes, for which it competed in this election for the first time, and 1,291 votes in voting by party line. (In comparison, the Maoist Marxist-Leninist Party received 35,700 constituency votes and 29,785 party line votes.)
In the last, 2013 election, the SGP is listed as receiving 4,564 votes on the party line. So even if we add all constituency and party line votes together for the SGP for the 2017 election, the SGP total is 2,194 votes. Therefore, between the 2013 and 2017 elections, the SGP vote declined severely.
This continues an international trend of declining votes for SEP in countries in which it runs candidates. "Trotskysim is Twenty-first Century DeLeonism" does not seem to be a program gaining much traction in the struggle for revolutionary leadership of the working class.